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C.S.P.R. - Cages, Stages, Pages, and Rages

Adam and Dan

People, now so more than ever, are in need of ways to escape the stress from their everyday lives. C.S.P.R. offers content focusing on topics about geekdom, UFC, stand-up comedy, "self-bettering," and "boiling points," presented through the hilariously informative banter from longtime best friends Adam and Dan. So, if you like CAGES (UFC focused news/recaps), STAGES (past and present stand-up comedy news/reviews), PAGES (everything from the creative world of geekdom - comic books, television, movies, etc.), and/or RAGES (shared "boiling points," or frustrations, elaborated on by Adam and Dan), then this is the podcast for YOU! Thank you so much for checking out C.S.P.R.!